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More about Blogging

If you are running a serious business whether it be an online company or a local one you should consider a blog. If you want your blog to be taken seriously, then you should seriously consider having a WordPress blog with your own address.  Having your own domain name gives your blog an impression of …

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Hosting price increase / designing progress

The Service that I use for hosting has increased their prices last week.  It’s now $168.00 for 2 years instead of $122.00.  Not too horrible considering their still the best that I’ve found for price versus what you get.  That reminds me that I need to update my price lists.    They are prone to …

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I’ve been asked many times by my clients if I can print their business cards, tags, brochures, etc. for them.  It’s bothered me that it was something that I couldn’t really do for them.  I could design the cards but then I often had to refer them to one of the large chains.  I was …

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Customer Service

My husband emailed me today wanting me to more clearly specify on my front page that Customer Service is so very important to me. I occasionally read the blog of one of my competiters…. it’s really a stretch to say that we compete, I doubt that they know who I am. They’re a much larger …

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