Marketing Tips

I’ve learned some good tips and tricks and I’ve considered making a helping website for people. For now, I’ll just list them on my blog as I think of them. There may be something here to help those needing to get their sites off the ground. I’ve discovered I’m especially interested in helping start-ups and am considering offering a whole package that is affordable. There’s one in existence that I found through surfing that markets themselves just to moms but they’re expensive.

I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about www.Projectwonderful.com. This is an excellent, affordable way to get your banner ads displayed.

Yahoo’s marketing program is also very good at helping speed up your rankings. Although they don’t give your preference in rankings by joining it is a quicker way to see where your rankings are and where you have room to improve.

Crazyegg is also an excellent tool to determine where you’re getting hits on your site so you can market towards the most popular items.

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