More about Blogging

If you are running a serious business whether it be an online company or a local one you should consider a blog. If you want your blog to be taken seriously, then you should seriously consider having a WordPress blog with your own address.  Having your own domain name gives your blog an impression of legitimacy, like you’re not here today but will be gone tomorrow.  The disadvantage of having your own url is that you need a place to host it.  I use Lunar Pages and recommend Lunar Pages to all of my clients.  What’s important to know about them, is that they have tools to make it very easy for you to set up your own blog using WordPress.  They’re also affordable and offer unlimited harddisk and bandwidth space.  This is very important whether you’re considering a blog, a website or even both!

Your web designer should be willing and able to help you with this.  Use a template that compliments your website and make sure you link back to your real website from your blog.  You don’t want your prospective customers or clients to get lost now that they’ve found you!

Adwords make very little money.  You can add them if you want, but don’t expect to make much and they can make your blog look cluttered and make the important information harder for your readers to find. Now then, if your blog IS your business then by all means, consider AdWords, Project Wonderful and Affiliate Programs. I’ll write more on other posts to encompass this “money-maker”.

Make sure you set your feed up.  I use FeedBurner myself and recommend them. A feed will allow people to subscribe to your blog so that you have returning visitors to your blog.

Make sure you set up Askimet for your blog! It’ll save you the hassle and headache of spam. It’s a plug-in offered on WordPress and is well worth the time in small effort it takes to configure.

Want to know more about the visitors that come to your blog? Two good FREE sites that I use are W3 Counter and Stat Counter

Don’t forget to check out my recent recommendations in To Blog or Not to Blog. A blog is only worth as much effort as you’re willing to put into it. It IS a powerful way to market your business and to improve your search engine rankings, but if it’s not used to it’s full capacity then it won’t be worth the time and effort.

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