SEO has turned out to be more interesting that I first imagined.  I’ve been doing quite of bit of research on the Google side of things since they’re such a popular search engine and a very innovative company.  Keywords aren’t what they used to be, Meta Tags will no longer cut it for SEO.  It’s becoming a very difficult thing to help your clients achieve the best possible ranking.  For anyone reading this, have other reputable sites link to yours!  That is the very best way to improve your search rank.

SEO #2

More and more I’ve become very interested in SEO.  My husband just emailed me this article today and it does a good job of describing the challenges that web designers face in trying to get their clients good page rankings.  This is something that I continually work at trying to improve for my clients.  Although …

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SEO #3

Yahoo manages their page rankings very different from Google.  They appear to use the meta description on sites to search for relevancy.  That’s an easier way to market your site, but I doubt that it provides for very honest and reliable information.  They also take into account the information listed on the page that is …

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