Customer Service

My husband emailed me today wanting me to more clearly specify on my front page that Customer Service is so very important to me.  I occasionally read the blog of one of my competiters….  it’s really a stretch to say that we compete, I doubt that they know who I am.  They’re a much larger design house with several employees and talk about pompous!  They blog complaining of their customers and write about justifying how much they charge people.  They won’t even give you a quote unless you’ll sit down with them in person.  I imagine that while you’re in their hot seat they’ll be at their Sales Best.  Me?  I’m not a salesperson at all.  It makes me uncomfortable, I’m a nerd at heart.. :) but I’m trying!

I wish I could retort to their blog and throw a bunch of holes into what they’ve said.   Basically what they don’t admit is that they charge way too much for nothing more than a small company like mine can provide.  I’m sure they’d laugh at my $4.95 per month hosting rates and my web design costs are way too low (everyone needs to quit nagging me about that, you know who you are! LOL).

Am I too cheap?  I don’t think so.  I enjoy the work and want it to keep coming.  I don’t lie to my clients, nor do I even stretch the truth.  I’ll say right up front if I don’t know how to do something, but I’ll sure make huge efforts to give you exactly what you want.  That’s my job, my passion and what I do best.  I recognize that I don’t know everything, but pride myself on the tenacity it takes to find the answer.

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