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Logo Design Starting at $48.00


Blog Starting at $100.00 (please request quote)
Brochure Design $38.00
Business Card Design $38.00 (logo design separate)
Business Card Printing
single sided full color Matte
$34.00 Quantity 250 (U.S. Price)
Business Card Printing
single side full color glossy finish
$38.50 Quantity 250 (U.S. Price)
Business Card Printing
double side full color-front glossy finish
$47.50 (U.S. Price)
Brochure Printing
Doublesided full color
$62.00 Quantity 50 (U.S. Price)
I'll get my own hosting
Please get my hosting and I'll reimburse Pages By Nancy (domain included) $168.00 for 2 years (price subject to change)
Site Maintenance with Design  
No Maintenance (except the free month) included
6 month maintenance $80.00 (5 hours @ just $16.00 per hour)
6 month SEO Maintenance $200.00