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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your logo mean? The sun is just a play on words for "son". The 3 in the center (off-center) is for my 3 sons. They inspire me every day.
What are some good ways to advertise my site?

Google Adwords program is very easy to use and only costs as much as you want it to. Small local papers often have inexpensive choices for placing ads.

Additionally, check my blog for more hints, tips and tricks.

Do you use templates? Nope. Except for some blogging sites and forums. My websites are created from scratch.
Why are there no examples of family sites on your portfolio? To maintain family privacy.
Can you recommend a good photographer? I know a couple! :) See my "links" page.
How can I reach you on Messenger? Email me and I'll give you my id.
Can I reach you by phone? Yes, my phone number is 512-814-7243. I also check my email very frequently. I'm pretty easy to reach.
Is it okay if I ask you to change my sites colors 6 times? Yes. I don't mind.
How long does it take to create a website? A simple 5 page website can be completed in a week if all information if available at the onset. It also depends on the number of changes requested by the client in the course of the design.
How quickly will you make changes that I request? I try to make my changes within 72 hours of the request. I do get inundated with emails and if you haven't heard from me, I invite and enourage you to ping me to make sure I'm working on it! If it's a serious matter, call or email me to let me know the importance. I'll get right on it!
What does your maintenance contract include? Changes to any existing pages such as content, photos, colors and more are included. Full layout changes and additional pages are for an additional fee.
Why are your prices so below the average? Because I really enjoy what I do, and I do it for that reason alone.
What are your days off? What days are you "closed"? I don't have set days off. Typically I usually don't work on Mondays but work every other day and evening through the week including the weekends. I do tend to work holidays and lots of nights (when the kids are sleeping!). I will take an occasional day off here and there but usually never two in a row.
Can I update the content of my own site? Not without design tools and knowledge. You'll need to a "CMS" site for that. I can offer a Joomla site if you're wanting to continually update articles and content. If you purchase an ecommerce site from me or a bulletin board, I will train you to enter and change your products and to set features.
Do you offer SEO Services Yes I do. Please check under my Services page for more information.
Will you run social media and ad campaigns for my site? This is something that I CAN do for you. I charge my SEO fee for my time and you need to provide me with a monthly budget. Instead of SEO reports, I'll provide reports that show where your advertising money was most effective in getting your site hits.


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